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Hello lovely readers. Any previous readers of this blog and followers of me on Twitter via @LUBOttom will know what dastardly deeds I’ve been up to this week.  It all began when I decided to defame the badgers, and because everyone else resents the badgers too I got lots and lots of clicks on my blog (though I do accept a large part of this may not have been down to badger hatred, but instead because Frankie Boyle retweeted me when I called him a vagina). Well, as a result of this I got lots and lots of lovely messages via Twitter about how fall down funny I am- which was a little bit hurtful as I was actually being rather serious, but unfortunately this only transposed to 300 odd signatures on Pat’s petition. Maybe people were laughing so hard, and cruelly, that they forget to click on the petition, perhaps they had previously signed, or maybe they just took the side of the bloody badgers.

I’m not going to blame those who haven’t signed. Many have been led into believing that all disabled people are scroungers even though the actual fraud rate is only 0.5%, in comparison with the government’s plans to cut the welfare bill by 30%.  It’s been hidden from the general public that even though overpayments and fraud for all welfare amount to £3.3bn, lost taxes account for £35bn and evaded corporate taxes come to WAY more than that- seriously guys we’re speaking big money.  No,  I blame the right wing press, the government and the long standing hatred of disability in Hollywood. For years disabled people have been maligned by the blockbusters so is it any wonder no one gives a shit that our government are embarking on a social Darwinist mission?

I give you Exhibit A: Mr Glass. Seemingly innocuous, fragile wheelie, but actually an evil son of a gun,hell bent on destruction. How does this fit in with the government’s attacks on disabled people? If you can do destruction, you can jolly well work!


Exhibit B: The Dude From Saw. Terminally ill, and terminally evil. So evil in fact he won’t even get his own hands dirty when killing people.  As you can see, Wan is clearly in cahoots with the Daily Mail in trying to convince you that not only are disabled people evil, but also incredibly lazy!


Exhibit C: Freddy Kruger: Insomniac burns victim and some sort of hand deformity (not too sure what that’s about to be honest).  Worked in a school, killed lots of kids.  This perfectly supports the government’s recent actions because it shows that disabled people should not work in the public sector- what better excuse needed to close down Remploy factories?!


Exhibit D: Blofeld: Dynamic disability of a sort- sometimes in a wheelchair, sometimes scarred. This guy had numerous plans involving lasers, nazis and murder.  He gets chucked down a giant chimney, wheelchair and all, in For Your Eyes Only- and the audience cheers. The anti-disability message here, if any clarification is needed, people with disabilities are a burden on the state and it will take a helicopter to get rid of them.


As you can clearly see Hollywood hates disabled people, almost as much as Iain Duncan Smith does. Perhaps this is why we’re having trouble getting a hold of celebrity endorsements and media publicity in order to promote this petition. If you were a celebrity would you want to piss off  M Night Shyamalan, The Daily Mail, and the government all at once? Not on your nelly. Though, if by any chance you are a passing celebrity or journalist, I hope this act of reverse psychology has worked on you and you’ll consider getting involved to raise awareness of the petition, plus you might even get a chance to sit on the This Morning sofa and meet Pip- who knows, stranger things have happened. If however, you’re not famous or influential, don’t run away just yet- if you haven’t signed the petition  please do so now http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/20968. And if you’re really nice and lovely please share this blog, or the link to the petition, because we desperately need more people to sign.