Form, Function and Gender.


Brilliant post regarding gender from a philosophical viewpoint.

Originally posted on Sometimes, it's just a cigar:

It seems to be the week for people who work at colleges formerly known as World of Carpets to make me roll my eyes on twitter. The week started with the University of Westminster lecturer in diversity informing me that sometimes you have to sacrifice the few for the needs of the many. Minority groups in her lectures must feel so welcomed. Yesterday it was the turn of Rupert  Bear, Read , apparently a philosopher at the University of East Transphobia to show what a pitiful state higher education is in the UK today.

I am suspect of any man who chooses to write on feminism, especially when they decide to take a side with extremists and bigots. When you do not belong to an oppressed group your role is to listen, a hard thing for a cis man I know, but we can all overcome our upbringings if…

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